Dr. Martin Rovers

Dr. Martin Rovers, PhD., C. Psychologist. Supervisor

Lynda Donaldson

Lynda Donaldson, CDC, CCPA (Member). Youth and Parent Counsellor
A member of the Serenity Renewal staff for 30 years, Lynda’s reward is in helping children and families discover hope and providing a safe and trusting environment for change.

Deborah Brooks

Deborah Brooks, R.P., ICCDP.
A registered psychotherapist specializing in addiction and related issues, Deborah is passionate about healing in all its forms through self-care, self-love and individual empowerment.

John Robertson

John Robertson, R.P.
A Registered Psychotherapist with a specialty in addictions and trauma, John takes a holistic approach to healing and empowers people to find their way along the next steps in their journey.

Sonia Maisonneuve, CSAT, ICAD, Facilitator
Rick Mayoh, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, Facilitator
Jim Weiler, MA, RP, Facilitator
Sheila Norquay, MA in Counselling, RP, CCC, Facilitator
Gerard Vardy, DMin, MA, CCC, Facilitator

Mike Beauregard, Director of Development & Philanthropy
Michelle Tasker, Volunteer Coordinator and Outreach Liaison
Jill Egan, Director, Administration and Client Services