Exciting Job Opportunity
One Year Trillium Grant

Volunteer and Data Coordinator

Serenity Renewal for Families is beginning to go back to in-person services. We were grateful to receive another one-year grant from The Trillium Foundation for 30 hours per week at $23.00 per hour to address the area of Volunteers and Data. 
Are you the type of person who can help re-create the backbone of our charity by engaging volunteers to help support the organization? At the same time, do you have the skills to help us manage our data bases and enhance how we capture and analyse data?   
If so, please apply by sending a cover letter and resume by June 17th to nleslie@serenityrenewal.ca. The position will begin on July 16th. We are a small team and so you would have the opportunity to cross-train with other positions and increase your knowledge of supporting families dealing with a loved one who is in recovery from addictions.   

For the Volunteer component: 
Recruiting, Training, Engaging and Tracking the volunteers to support the organization’s operational needs. Ensure proper protocols are followed to ensure the highest of quality for our clients. 

For the Data component: 
Monitor use of client database (excel) to ensure quality information for reports.  Understand and manage other databases such as JANE (used for client scheduling) and Constant Contact (used to send out bulk emails).  Some design work would be required for work in Constant Contact.  Monitoring of website analytics and social media platforms.  Also exploring of avenues to collect data to evaluate programs being offered.  

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