Volunteer and Data Coordinator

Job Description

In cooperation with Serenity Renewal for Families Team and reporting to the Manager of Client Services, these two roles are intertwined. Other administrative duties that will be mutually agreed upon may be required to be done as required to ensure a smooth and harmonious operating environment.

Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the planning, outreach, engaging, supervision and coordination of all volunteer activities.

  • Establish and maintain a Volunteer Database, with skillsets, contact information, hours of availability, etc.
  • Maintain volunteer application process and documentation.
  • Source, interview and maintain a stable cadre of Volunteers, with the necessary and appropriate skills.
  • Develop and conduct Volunteer information and training sessions.
  • Plan, schedule and supervise the work of all Volunteers.
  • Ensure all Code of Conduct Forms, Confidentiality Forms and Police Records checks are complete and current for all Volunteers.
  • Cooperate with all staff and on a continuous basis identify tasks that can be delegated to volunteer positions.
  • Ensure that all the necessary Volunteers and support materials, including brochures, physical space, registration resources and meals, are available and present for Workshops.
  • Respond to community requests for representation from Serenity Renewal for Families for community events, third party fundraisers and encourage volunteer participation at these activities.

Data Coordinator is responsible for all databases used by the organization.

  • Oversee use of the client database (excel spreadsheet) which is currently used to track all clients and all services accessed at SRF including counselling sessions, workshops, family programs and other programs
  • Collect data for various programs as needed for grant applications, board requests, evaluation of present programs or to identify data needed to be tracked for development of new programs
  • Prepare monthly Board report re: payments, attendance in workshops, other reports needed by Executive Director or by Director of Counselling
  • Ensure that all email and contact lists are kept current and up to date
  • Understand transference of information from JANE to SRF’s internal client database including how to prepare reports needed for transference of information
  • Ensure transference to increased use of cloud storage while having team understand how to use efficiently.